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Agordat (Akordat)
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Massawa (Massauwa)
Mendefera (Adi Ugri)
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Semenawi Bahri (Filfil)
Tessenei (Teseney)



Agordat (Akordat)


Agordat lies 75 kilometers west from Keren, in the Western Lowlands. Agordat is an old town, formerly the capital of the Barka zone. It is at the western termination of the railway from Massawa. The town can experience high temperatures, and sandstorms known as haboob.

Agordat is located on the river Barka. The Barka river is shallow with wide deposits of sand extending to both sides. The river only floods when the rain is pouring. With the rains the water from the surrounding mountains flows down and the river becomes full.

The area is famous for its banana plantations. The Akat trees or Doum Palms seen along the Barka River are known for their fruit.

Agordat is a bustling market town. The mosque, the second largest in Eritrea was build by Haile Selassie in 1963. He also built the Catholic church and the large hospital which sits on a hill overlooking the town just below the ornate former Italian governor's palace.

An obelisk overlooking the town is a monument to Italians killed during the Second World War, but apart from the administrative buildings, the old railway station and the Barka Hotel, that's the only real sign of Europe.



Resume of hotel accommodation in Agordat
Name Address Rooms Phone Fax
B.G. Selassie     711 066  
Beilul Hotel     711 228  
Omal Hotel     711 554  
Savoya Hotel     711 016  
Electrical power supply is is shut off between 23:00 and 9:00 due to energy saving measures of the Eritrean authorities. So charge your batteries when electricity is available!



Traditional dwellings in Agordat - Eritea

Traditional dwellings in Agordat. (picture: © Anne Alders)

View from the roof of the hospital of Agordat - Banks of the Barka river.

View from the roof of the hospital of Agordat - Banks of the Barka river.

Carrying merchandise to the market in Agordat - Eritea

Camels in Agordat Eritrea. (picture: © Anne Alders)

Municipality of Agordat.

Municipality of Agordat.

Mosque of Agordat.

Mosque of Agordat.

Barka river - Agordat Eritrea.

"In the center of Agordat is the hotel B. G. Selassie or Belamberas,
 which is favorite amongst most travellers owing to the more than
affable owner, Almaz. She is sure to look after your every need and
 will make you feel more at home than in any other place in Eritrea."
 (Quoted from the Bradt Travel Guide, Third Edition, the hotel is
situated opposite to the Agordat hotel, not far from the bus terminal).

Woman with weave loom - Agordat Eritrea.

Tailor shop - Agordat Eritrea.

Coptic church Agordat.

Catholic Cathedral - Agordat Eritrea.

Hospital of Agordat.

Hospital of Agordat.


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