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Semenawi Bahri (Filfil)
Tessenei (Teseney)



Semenawi Bahri


The Semenawi Bahri National Park, hailed as the most beautiful country side in all Eritrea, extends along a chain of mountains as well as in the valleys. the elevation is between 900 and 2400 meters, with a North - South range of about 20 kilometer.

Along the route exiting species appear in rapid succession, such as rosy patched bush shirks, splashing around the small rock pools. From Woki the snaking descent is even more impressive than the main Asmara - Massawa road with a really dramatic view as you wind your way downward to the coastal plain.


The new road to Filfil winding through Semenawi Bahri Eritrea.

The new road to Filfil winding through Semenawi Bahri Eritrea.
(picture: © 2006


To reach Semenawi Bahri, take the Asmara - Keren Road. The road forks right at the village of Serejaka (21 km). The recently tarred road takes you through the village of Woki (29km) to the Semenawi Bahri area. Shortly after Woki, you reach  the highest of the Semenawi Bahri evergreen forests.

When you reach a place called Vivaio (31km) you can take the road to your left, which will pass through Ambeloko, Fishey, Daukur and then to Mirana (58km).

If you continue on the tarred road, you will shortly reach Meg'o (43km) where the view will attract you very much and observe the wander of Semenawi Bahri in every direction.

Again pause for a while at a particularly breath taking point in Sabur (50km) which overlooks the lush forests of the Filfil Valley. You will be simply amazed at the large number of sought-after birds, which seem to be everywhere.


Blue Breasted Bee Eaters (Merops Variegatus) - Semenawi Bahri Eritrea.

Blue Breasted Bee Eaters (Merops Variegatus) - Semenawi Bahri Eritrea.
(picture: © 2006 Solomon Abraha - Travel House International)


From Sabur you descend towards Medhanit (58km) which has a moderate climate. Then continue to Filfil (68km), Solomuna (77km) part of Semenawi Bahri, which has an abundance of large picturesque trees, that are home to a vast variety of bird life. Visitors can not fail to experience the soothing sounds of birds that bring peace and delight.

Wild life species are found like leopard, bushbuck, klipspringer, greater kudum duiker and warthog and a number of bird species have been ascertained recently.


Leopard - Semenawi Bahri National Park Eritrea

Leopard - Semenawi Bahri National Park Eritrea


Semenawi Bahri: one sight that you must not miss! Please protect the environment for sustainable tourism. Do not throw anything. Do not burn fire 

Ministry of Tourism Eritrea - P.O.Box 1010 Asmara Eritrea


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