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Guest book of Mebrat Tzehaie (2005)



Dutch teddy bear in traditional Eritrean cloth

Date:Friday December 30 2005 16:53
From:Jon Uzoagba (Lome, Togo)

I love this site ok keep it up!

Date:Tuesday December 27 2005 20:42
From:Angelo Cerioli (Castelleone cr, Italia)

Dear Mrs. Mebrat Tzehaie, I have read with extreme interest the pages I have received from your husband via internet and I express my gratitude for these information's. Please transmit my message to him too. After having received all this material I think I am now in the position of knowing a bit more about your Country and I am determine to visit Eritrea .

Sincerely yours , A.Cerioli

Date: Thursday December 15 2005 22:03
From:Jon Griswold (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

Hi Mebrat,

Back in the early 1980s, my family helped sponsor an Eritrean family to the United States who were fleeing the Dergue dictatorship. After that I had An Eritrean "brother and sister" in my family.

Two years, my Eritrean "sister's" daughter came here from a Norwegian refugee center after she was expelled from Addis Abeba. I am also Orthodox by choice.

So my love for the beauty and culture of the Eritrean people is deeply personal. I only pray for Eritrea to remain strong, free and independent.

Your website is a great introduction to Eritrean culture and civilization for my friends. I wish you and Hans much happiness.

Date:Thursday December 01 2005 21:42
From:Yonas Beraki (New York City, USA)

It is very good website with a lot of information to share about Eritrea. I am sure you spend several hours to collect all this valuable info. I have to say this it's really helpful website for anybody who wants to visit or learn about Eritrea.

Great job.


Date:Tuesday November  29 2005 21:32
From:Laura Guadiana (Tijuana, Mexico)

I wish to congratulate you on your efforts. I find it very comforting to learn and refresh my memory as well, since I lived in Massawa and in Asmara for about a year, and have adopted two Eritrean boys: Kidane and Natnael. My heart is with your country and people. I also commend you for keeping the site factual, and just allowing your visitors to enjoy it, without any indoctrinating comments in any direction for political purposes.

Date:Tuesday November 15 2005 11:27
From:Jon Uzoagba (Lome, Togo)

I love this site ok keep it up.

Date:Friday November 11 2005 3:45
From:Edward L. Kelley (Amelia Island, Florida, USA)

Asmara has really changed since I left there in Sept 1962. I was in the US Army at the time, stationed at Kagnew Station. I have many fond memories of my time there between the ages of 19-21.

Recently, I have made contact with 3 sisters I met in Asmara, who married Americans and now live in the US. All of us talk about returning there one day and visit for a while.

Your site is excellent!

Date:Thursday November 03 2005 6:15
From:Hamish Drummond (George Town, Cayman Islands)

Your website is truly outstanding!

I lived with my parents for about one year in Nakfa (Nacfa) in 1948/9. Even though I was a young lad back then, I still have many wonderful memories of Nacfa, Keren and Asmara.

For a short time I attended the local school in Nacfa. Would anyone remember me, or my parents (James & Moyra Drummond) from those days?

Hope to hear from someone!

Hamish Drummond

Date:Saturday October 29 2005 15:57
From:Roberto (Ferrara, Italy)

Great Site!

I like very much your site!!!! I have the same a tourist site, I'm glad if you will visit it ! my site is

Date:Saturday October 29 2005 10:06
From:Lul Eyob (Birkenau, Germany)

Hi Mebrat,

I was proud of your website and I would like to say please go on with it more . We need today a person like you.

Date:Friday October 28 2005 17:33
From:Jeff Winke (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

I had the privilege of meeting an Eritrean businessman at a business technology conference being held in Las Vegas. I admit I knew next to nothing about Eritrea. This website is excellent and has clearly stimulated by interest in Eritrea.

Thanks Mebrat.

Date:Monday October 17 2005 16:47
From:Mark Anderson (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Fascinating website and a very interesting read.

A destination on my list now.

Good luck. Mark

Date:Sunday October 16 2005 17:05
From:Saleem (Baghdad, Iraq)

When I was in school I read about your country in school book about your fight to end the band and that be real in 1991. I hope some day if visit your country I love your country and all time I try to know more things about this country.

Saleem Nahab

Date:Friday, October 07 2005 9:15
From:Marcel Kloesmeijer (Enkhuizen, Nederland)

My compliments to Hans and Mebrat for the very informative and pleasant to read website on Eritrea.

I am sending some of my colleagues to Asmara, Assab and Haleb for a short business trip and the website is most useful. Besides that, it is very interesting to read about the diverse culture and peaceful co-existence of the various religious groups in Eritrea.

I have experienced the food before and I am looking forward to my own visit to Eritrea soon.


Marcel Kloesmeijer

Date:Saturday, September 24 2005 0:24
From:Lawrence (Larry) Henty (Wayland, NY, USA)

Your website has brought back many wonderful memories of my extended visit to Eritrea in 1956-1958 (while posted by the US Army Signal Corps at Kagnew Station in Asmara); and has enriched my understanding of the wonderful character of the Eritrean people (both collectively and individually).

A return visit to Asmara would be a cherished event, but alas it is very unlikely to happen. The internet has served to bring much of 21st-century Eritrea, Asmara, and its people to me, instead.

Date:Friday September 23 2005 21:04
From:Almaz Abraha (Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Dear Mebrat,

You are one of the luckiest woman to have a husband like Hans and he is very lucky man as well to have you because you have a great influence on him. Both are very interesting and smart couple I hope the rest of us we join your club!

It is needless to say that your site is very resourceful and interesting to browse. I have used for Hotel, historical and many other reference as well. Your information is accurate.

I am an IT person myself so I know what I am referring to. Hans, great job keep the passion for Eritrea rolling! And thank you for your contribution it means a lot to all of us!


Almaz Abraha
Alexandria, Virginia

Date:Tuesday September 13 2005 21:18
From:Ron (Canada)

What a great website on Eritrea. It's such a young country and yet it has some of the best architecture in Africa.

There are so many other African countries (like Chad and the Central African Republic) that deserve attention like this. Any plans to tour those countries?

Date:Thursday September 08 2005 16:15
From:Mussie Kefela (Götebörg, Sweden)

You are a very brave one, who loves his land & people, please tray to continue your web site. And give my admire to your man about all his journey all over our lovely Eritrea. I hope we meet you both in the coming summer.

Date:Wednesday September 07 2005 15:37
From:Yves Pickardt (Paris, France)

Congratulations for your website, it is remarkable. Surely will contribute to our first visit to Asmara planned during next Xmas holidays.

I (French) and my Italian wife, both living in Paris booked a flight from Paris to Asmara via Frankfurt. We will stay one week in Eritrea, mostly in Asmara. The scope of this trip, part from meeting Eritrean people, which we already respect and admire for many reasons, without knowing anyone there nor here, is architecture (my work).

Just a funny coincidence, the Eritrean consulate stays one street away from mine in Paris.

Again, thanks to both of you for the quality of your information.

With best regards,
Yves Pickardt
Paris - France

Date:Saturday August 13 2005 20:59
From:Habteab (Pietermaritzburg South Africa)

Hello... Mebrat & Hans,

I love your work, well done! This site was nicely built and it includes all the necessary details. I found it to be helpful while I'm trying to explain to somebody what my beloved country looks like. You don’t really need to tell him/her the whole story of Eritrea... U just give him/her this site….

Well done again and push it up!

Date:Tuesday August 09 2005 15:08
From:Adeola Olajuwon (Lagos Nigeria)

Great place to be. I wish I had any one there who could invite me to visit Eritrea.

Date:Sunday July 10 2005 4:49
From:Berket Yacob




Date:Friday July 08 2005 13:36
From:Saba Berhane (Stockholm, Sweden)

Hi Mebrat & Hans,

Thank you for a wonderful home page!

My colleagues wanted to dive in Eritrean red sea and they asked me if I can provide any tourist information web site, I was a little worried but your web site saved me. I can tell you how happy I was to find your web page! I am a little ashamed that I do not know as much as I have seen in the Dahlak Islands in this web page.

Thanks once again!

Good luck to keep up the good work!

A very happy web visitor from Sweden.


Date:Friday July 08 2005 5:43
From:Sandra (Washington, US)

I am looking for anyone who knew or knows my mother, grandmother and friends:

  1. ANTONIETTA ZIGHEUOINI born in Asmara 1946.(my mother), left in December of 1968. Married military man from the US.
  2. ZIGHEUOINI TIRFE born in Debresina (Cheren) (my grandmother.)

 Also the following people:

  1. CATERINA ASCALU born in Asmara 1946.
  2. RIZZO or NIZZO ENRICO born in Adua 1933.
  3. WILLIAM A. LAWRIGHT, Kiderminiter, England 1945.

Date:Wednesday July 06 14:26
From:Alessandro Masi (London, UK)

Really wonderful work about Eritrea. Compliments to Hans van der Splinter and Mebrat Tzehaie for the important account on this country rich of history and deserved freedom.

Date:Wednesday June 29 2005 7:32
From:Temesgen Kiflit (Oakland California, U.S.A.)

First and foremost, I truly, truly admire you one this great, I mean fabulous piece of work you have done. I could write for ever thanking you but I’ll never finish doing so. I couldn’t stop reading, admiring, just in awe at all this information I had about my “ERITREA” at my finger tips. Again thanks for taking the time and the love to do this.

Wetru Awet N’Hafash

Temesgen Kiflit

Date:Saturday June 18 2005 16:48
From:Saleem (Baghdad, Iraq)

when I was in school i read about your country in school book and I read about your fight to endeband and that was be really since 1991. I hope some day to visit your country

Date:Sunday June 12 2005 9:40
From:Bjarne Grimstvedt (Baerum, Norway)

I and my family lived in Massawa and Asmara from February 1958 until December 1960. I am a Naval officer and served with the Ethiopian Navy, the first year as CO of Zeray Deres, the second year as instructor and CO at the Naval Academy and the last year as Head of Weapons and Shipwright Department. Our youngest son was born at Inail hospital in Asmara in February 1959. I retired from the Norwegian Navy 1. November 1989 with the rank of Admiral and Chief of the Navy. We still cherish our good memories from those 3 years together with a friendly people, both civilians and Navy personnel. We often wish we could visit both Asmara and Massawa. I share your pride in obtaining your independence some years ago. Please give me a reply and tell me about the situation in Eritrea.

Yours Bj. Grimstvedt

Date:Sunday, June 05 2005 4:56
From:Chernet Haile

Hello Mebrat and Hans,

What an interesting web site! It is such a pleasure to come across a site with a loaded information about Eritrea. You are a true example of what a strong and an inspiring Eritrean lady can be. I will be checking it out more often and will be passing it along to others as well.

C. Haile

Date:Thursday, May 26th 2005 23:00
From:Susan E Russell (Key Largo, Florida, USA)

I lived in Asmara from January 1967 to June 1969. My father was in the US Army and I was in grade school. My mother says that I was a very mature person when we were at Kagnew Station, and my memories are not really those of a child. I remember "working" at the orphanage at age 11. My whole life was shaped by those years I stayed in your beautiful country, and I hope that you can remember the presence of the US military with some positive feelings. Peace, now and everywhere.

Date:Saturday May 21st 2005 21:15
From:Andrey (Moscow, Russia)

Thanks a lot for your web site. I love Asmara since 1989.

Thanks again,

Lieutenant of the Soviet Army (former)

Date:Saturday May 14 2005 22:34
From:Dan Webe (Addis, Ethiopia)

U and yr kinds are the reasons for all miseries of both Ethiopian and Eritrean ppl. It's quite difficult to distinguish the Ethiopian and Eritrean ppl in all their happiness and grief... But some unscrupulous selfish groups (where the architects of this website are members) from both countries are the root for all our problems...

Down with yr political and nonsense ideologies u scribbled in some of yr damn www pages of yrs!


Date:Saturday May 14 2005 8:49
From:Tabatha (USA)

My job took me to Eritrea for a year and a half. I really enjoyed it and since I just left there eight months ago, I am really missing all of my friends that I grew to love and the country.

You did a great job on capturing all of the sights and just different places, even the little grocery stores, that I frequented. I even know someone in one of the pictures. That really got me excited! Hopefully, it will not be a long time before I am walking through those areas again with my friends.

Thank you for sharing your memories and re-sparking mine!!


Date:Friday May 13 2005 17:54
From:Les J. Williams (Istanbul, Turkey)

Incredible web site.

Our Company wants to do a small investment in Sudan or Eritrea, related to fish farming, and dive tourism, but I have not had a lot of luck communicating with anyone.

I tried Washington Embassy, in the past, I would rather meet a top trustable Business Eritrean Business man that knows his country. Our business will create jobs, and expand into dive tourism.

We are a professional group based in the USA. Maybe you can help.

I was told by a friend whom has friends in the USA Embassy that the country for business is difficult.... I would appreciate any help you can give me and or the name and contact of the Diplomatic leader in Holland Thanks for any help you can give.

I lived in Jeddah with my family for over 15 years, and know the Red sea well.

Best Regards,
Les Williams
VP Ocean World Turkey

Date:Friday May 13 2005 16:38
From:Sandra Dysart (Chico, U.S.)

I am A student at California State University Chico, currently studing this conflict, what a wonderful web site!

I'm taking an intro to African studies. Our professor assigned each of us a country (mine is Ethiopia). My group is giving a presentation on East Africa, Monday. A big part of that report is on the conflict between these two countries.

I wish I was smart enough to find a way to import the Boarder Commissions map showing the territories in dispute, but I have been unsuccessful. Its great!
Date:Friday April 29 2005 2:29
From:Sharon (Columbus, United States)


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this website. I am currently writing a paper for my human geography class and I found this site most useful. It gave me a more personal insight to how it really is in this country. I am extremely excited to learn more about the ancient ruins as I love ancient history. I also would love to see the beaches described.

Have a great day!

Date:Thursday April 28 2005 7:28
From:Yousef (Australia)

I am an Eritrean brought up outside Eritrea. I love your excellent site. I love, even more, reading the stories of all these non-Eritreans sharing their happy memories of their days in Eritrea. I find it uplifting and beautiful. I would like to express my gratitude to these people for sharing their experiences, allowing us glimpses of Eritrea back then.

Take care

Date: Wednesday April 27 2005 23:16
From:Alan Simmons (Chicago, USA)

Hello. I volunteer with the Heartland Alliance, an organization based in Chicago that helps political refugees resettle in the United States. I work with a number of people from Eritrea and Ethiopia.

I have started to research the history, culture, and languages of East Africa so that I can better help the people with whom I work. This morning, I learned that one of my students spoke Tigrinya. I found your web site while looking for more information about the language.

Next week, I might surprise my student by greeting him in his native language. (Of course, if I do this, I'll have to learn greetings in Amharic, Swahili, Somali, Kirungi, and a host of other languages. So I have my work cut out for me.)

I am impressed with the quality and amount of information in your web site. I am certain that I will use this site often as I learn more about Eritrea.


Alan Simmons

Date:Wednesday April 27 2005 15:28
From:Sara Aylay (USA)

Mebrat and your dear husband Hans

You guys did an excellent job putting this site together. This is the most enlightening site I ever seen abut Eritrea. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I have added the site in to my favorites list, this site is what I would recommend to any one who wants to know about beautiful Eritrea.

Thanks again.

Sara Aylay
Internet Solutions Group
(O) 803-333-3593
(F) 803-333-5900

Date:Monday April 25 2005 14:57
From:Tom (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)


I love the web site. and as a mother it is big respect for having this things. thanks a lot.


Date:Friday April 22 2005 15:03
From:Yochanan G. Pernisa (Massalombarda (Ravenna) Italy)

This is Yochanan,
Italian Jew, born in Asmara and did live there till the early 70ies.
Now I am living in Italy, country of origin of my parents.
I miss Asmara so much; at all time and each day.
I will retire next year from my Job and i am planning to return back to Eritrea and spend the rest of my life there helping as much as i can my Eritrean Brothers.
My mother as well , still alive, miss Eritrea and Asmara.
She is too old to follow me and i will return for her as well.
During my time in Eritrea from the day i was born, i did enjoy greatly all my school period specially at Comboni College where i completed my Secondary schools and the remaining here in Italy.
Today is 2 days more to go to Pesach, Passover ; and i want to wish to all the Asmarino Jews Chag Kosher Pesach v'sameach and Shabbat Shalom: in 3 hours we will enter Shabbat.


Date:Tuesday April 19 2005 23:03
From:Costas Manolaras (Rhodes Greece)

I am born in Asmara in 1959, and lived there up to 1976. After my studies in the Greek Elementary school in Asmara and the Secondary school in Addis Ababa, I moved to Athens Greece in 1976. Since that time I have to visit Asmara, and my nostalgic feelings to the place I was born and grown up day by day are growing up. Thanks to your special job in the site, I visit virtually the places I was playing as a kid and teenager.

Really a wonderful job.

Date:Sunday April 17 2005 1:07
From:Michael Blalock (Washington DC, USA)

I love your website. I lived in Yemen in the 1960's and my family used to go to Asmara for a taste of civilization.

Best regards,


Date:Thursday March 24 2005 15:18
From:Pratap Chavan (Nairobi Kenya)

I like this site. I am planning to visit Asmara in last week of March. The information provided on site was so much useful that I am sure I can go to different places with out any problem.

I will visit again in April & narrate my experience.


Date:Sunday March 20 2005 21:31
From:Johannesburg (South Africa)

Really nice site brings back lots of lovely memories of a wonderful people and country,

Worked in Asmara for 3 months and always wonder why I have such fond memories of this place.

Jonathan Bertasso
South Africa 

Date:Saturday March 12 2005 15:10
From:László Wágner (Budapest, Hungary)

I found your website when looking for tourist information about Eritrea.

Amazingly comprehensive.

Date:Friday February 25 2005 1:35
From:Henry Fey (United States)

Great site. I was at Kagnew Station from 1959 to 1961.

Date:Friday February 18 2005 6:26
From:Fayek Awad


This site is an excellent source of information about Eritrea. At a time when most of the countries of the world lack security and safety, I pray that God almighty maintains it to continue as a landmark in your country.

God bless you.

Fayek Awad

Date:Thursday February 17 2005 5:46
From:Adam Aylay

What a page!! I really enjoyed visiting this page. It made me realize that Eritrea is a wonderful country with amazing people. You have made a big contribution to Eritrea's history by providing this page, which has lots of information and pictures about Eritrea.

Please do keep up the excellent work you are doing. We need more people like you ....


Date:Wednesday February 09 2005 20:50
From:Andrew Casad (San Diego, United States)

Yeqen yelay! It is great to have a website with such excellent resources about Eritrea. I have my own at eritrea.php, which will continue to grow. Thanks again!

Date:Monday February 07 2005 2:43
From:Michael Dodson (Tallahassee, Florida, USA)

Thank you for your wonderful website. I lived in Asmara across the street from the Nyala Hotel from 1968-70. I will never forget the warmth and kindness of my Eritrean friends.

Date:Wednesday January 26 2005 20:59
From:Sirak Zewoldi (E>R>I.....til I die!!!)

This is one of the most in-depth websites I've seen ever...very well put together...shot out to lil nino

Date:Thursday January 20 2005 20:43
From:Francisco Velásquez (Barcelona, Venezuela)

I like your web site that is very illustrative, I learned and met about Eritrea through her, please return to Eritrea this year 2005 and bring new pictures. The history of this country is very interesting, I heard speak for the first time of Eritrea when there was war. You make a good work. Good luck and that God or Allah blesses them, until another opportunity.

Francisco Velásquez
Barcelona, Venezuela

Date:Friday January 07 2005 18:12
From:Zerazion Araya (Seattle, WA, USA)

Dear Mebrat

I would like to say Happy new year and Merry Christmas. You have done a wonderful job. I am proud of the hard work that you compiled every part of our beloved nation. I was asked by an American friend where to find information about Eritrea, I gave him your website and he said "I feel I knew your home country within a day". I am sure you are still going to update every thing that happens on the agriculture, transportation, medical and so forth sectors.

Bravo Mebrat, keep the good work

Zerazion Araya

Date:Thursday January 06 2005 18:40
From:Sara Fesshazion (Atlanta, USA)

I love your site !! You did an excellent job. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

Guest book of Mebrat Tzehaie 2004 >>


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