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Semenawi Bahri (Filfil)
Tessenei (Teseney)



Guest book of Mebrat Tzehaie (2007)



Meles Zenawi should speed up the peace proces, or I will put my teeth in his bottoms.

Date: Friday December 07 2007 4:32
From:Roger Gibson (Summerville, South Carolina, USA)

I have many memories of Asmara and Massawa I grew up there from 1942-1945 we moved from Alexandria Egypt as the Germans were getting close to us.

I was about 10 + years old after the war WWII was over then managed to get back to England.

My Godfather was a officer in the British army and I remember staying with him on the road to Keren.

I have pictures of the area during this time and some of Massauwa I will always remember these memories and the friendly people I met. There will always be a place in my heart for Eritrea.


Date:Thursday October 18 2007 17:00
From:Tesfagiorgis Solomon (Stuttgart,Germany)

Mein Hochachtung und Respekt sollen meine Gefühle und Bewunderung alles über deine wunderbare Arbeit.

Es ist einfach wunderschön, wenn eine fleissige Frau wie du dein Land in der ganze welt von ihre schöne Seite zeigt.

I would like simply say you are doing a great J O B. and give you my R E S P E K T.

Date:Monday October 15 2007 16:32
From:Michael K. Dahl (Janesville, Wisconsin, United States)

I was in the us army stationed at Kagnew Station in 1972-1973. I was a military policeman and was with Ethiopian police resolving issues between Americans and Ethiopians.

I have tried to keep abreast with current events about Eritrea and Ethiopia and am saddened by the war and devastating events of the region. I have read that Kagnew is occupied by amputees from the war and prosthesis are made there. It is too bad that so much unrest is around the world.

I still dream and have fond memories of my time spent in Asmara so long ago.

Best regards,
Mickael K. Dahl

Date: Tuesday September 11 2007 18:21
From:Walter Castaldo (51100 Pistoia, Italia)

Yzì srah asserte shiab zubbuk yù!


Date:Friday April 27  2007 21:15
From:Gigliola e Sandro (Milano, Italy)

Abbiano visto il tuo sito ; è molto bello.

Gigliola e Sandro.

Date:Tuesday April 24 2007 18:40
From:Richard Russ (Ocala, Florida, USA)


I was in Massawa around mid 1997. I was there with the United States Marines and United States Navy at that time. We had 3 ships with us, however, since Massawa was smaller then, they only allowed the personnel from one ship to get off and tour the town and assist with a few reconstruction efforts.

I do feel proud to have been a part of it. The Eritrean people are a good and decent people. I found Eritrea to be a wonderful place and I would sincerely love to visit there again.

Best Regards,
Richard Russ

Date:Friday March 09 2007 4:01
From:Gerrie Lijam (San Jose, Ca. USA)

Dear Webmaster,

Thanks for stand up & rooting for Eritrea. Mebrat is very lucky in the world to find a caring husband of your kind.

I'm sure you feel the same wau about finding Mebrat. Your love & passion for each other proves LOVE CROSSES OCEANS & binds people, more than nuclear bombs or satellites.

Dear Webmaster & Mebrat,,,,Thanks for standing up to root for Eritrea. Eritreans are fortunate to have friends like you. Eritreans will always have special room in their hearts & will remember for eternity their friends like you, who stood up on their side & spoke in the voiceless Eritrean people's name, when the whole world choose to keep silent & bomb Eritreans to stone age.

Eritrea is indebted to your dedicated contribution in the Eritrean people's name.

May your love & harmony continue to shine around the globe for eternity.

Thank you for sharing your love with millions of people accross all over the world.

Best Regards,
Gerrie Lijam

Date:Tuesday March 06 2007 23:59
From:Michael Bekru (St. Louis, USA)

I really impressed by the pictures you put together, This is life time achievement.

It is helping me to teach my kids about Eritrea places, cultures and its people.

Nice Job.


Date:Friday March 02 21:43
From:John Edwards (Dudley, England)

Very good information, very clear and precise, I hope to travel to your country soon to scuba dive!

Best regards

Date:Tuesday February 27  2007 15:41
From:Ndeanka Nsa Caleb (Dar es salaam, Tanzania)

I have just finished reading your amazing Eritrea's history
which is in my opinion, both enlightening and inspiring.

It presents a non fiction accounts of gallant and devotion deeds of our
fellow African brothers and sisters in their end less struggles for liberty,
respect and recognition.

I, as a fellow African, encourage you to keep pressing on no matter who
oppose providing you are treading on the right path.

God bless Eritrea, God bless Africa.

Ndeanka Nsa Caleb

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