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Asmara (Asmera)
Agordat (Akordat)
Assab (Asseb)
Dahlak islands
Dekemhare (Decemhare)
Ghinda (Ginda)
Keren (Cheren)
Massawa (Massauwa)
Mendefera (Adi Ugri)
Nakfa (Nacfa)
Semenawi Bahri (Filfil)
Tessenei (Teseney)



Eritrean music


Each of Eritrea's nine Nationalities has its own litary tradition, its music and dance. Eritrea celebrates its rich heritage at all its major feast and festivals.

Traditional instruments are the kraar a stringed instrument, the abangala, a banjo like instrument, the wata, a violin-like instrument; and kebero, drums.

Traditional dance in Eritrea is popular. The Tiginya dancers slowly move in a counter-clockwise circle, shuffling their feet to the beat of the music and bob their shoulders in a rhythmic fashion. When Tigre and Bilen women dance the sheleel, they shake their long braids so they swing.

Live performances are regular in the night clubs in the Expo area. Announcements are made on billboards in Harnet Avenue and around the central post office.

Every year - starting on the last Saturday in July - a one week Festival Eritrea is held in the Asmara Expo area, with performances and exhibits that showcase the unique contribution each Nationality makes to Eritrea's diverse traditions.



Helen Meles - Asmara intercontinental May 2004. (

Helen Meles - Asmara Intercontinental May 2004.

Dehab Faytinga - Asmara intercontinental May 2005. (

Dehab Faytinga - Asmara Intercontinental May 2005.

Elsa Kidane - Festival Eritrea 2007 Utrecht Holland.

Elsa Kidane - Festival Eritrea 2007 Utrecht Holland.

(Tigre) Wedi Sheik - Festival Eritrea 2006 Asmara.(

(Tigre) Wedi Sheik - Festival Eritrea 2006 Asmara.


(Tigre) Wedi Sheik - Festival Eritrea 2006 Asmara.(

Tekeste Woldu - Wedding in Asmara 2005.



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