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The mainland of Massawa (2)


Seawater Farms / Seaphire

On the coast of Eritrea, close to the city of Massawa, Carl Hodges cultivates a wonder vegetable and hopes to relieve hunger and poverty. Carl Hodges and his research colleagues have invested $30 million and 15 years in this surreal-sounding vision. They sought a vegetable. One that requires only seawater and desert sand to grow abundantly.

250 Eritrean workers have dug up the desert sand and constructed seawater canals, lakes full of fish, mangrove forests and shrimp growing ponds. In only a few months an oasis has arisen in the middle of sand and dust. A small eco-system that needs nothing except sand and water, no artificial fertilizer, no plant pesticides.

U.S. restaurant reviewers rave about "this exciting new plant" from Seaphire salad with shrimp or fish filets with Seaphire sauce. It is not only delicious, but also healthy. The vegetable is high in Vitamins A and C and protein.

Hodges' seawater farm is already a success. It shows that there is something else besides development aid to support African countries. Eritrea's government is a 50 percent partner in Hodges' farm. They provided the land and assistance such that one seldom finds in Africa. "We needed a tractor," Carl Hodges said. "I called the Minister and the tractor was there the next day. I didn't have to bribe anyone. Not a penny. There isn't any bureaucracy or corruption.


The Manzanar Project

The first approach of the Manzanar Project was to convert algae to fish. In 1987, during Eritrea's war of independence from Ethiopia, Gordon H. Sato went into rebel held areas to assist in food production. The objective of the Manzanar project on the coastal deserts of Eritrea is to have local people in villages use the technology Gordon H. Sato and his team have developed to produce food and wealth for themselves. Methods that are extremely simple, new and original.


Manzanar Project - Massawa Eritrea Manzanar Project - Massawa Eritrea
Manzanar Project - Massawa Eritrea Manzanar Project - Massawa Eritrea


The Manzanar Project in Massawa involves planting mangrove trees and teaching the Eritrean people to use the leaves to feed their goats and sheep. About 250,000 trees have been planted to date and as many more as possible will be planted depending on the funding the Manzanar Project receives.


Drugstore on the mainland of Massawa

Drugstore on the mainland of Massawa.

Canopy over the stern of a beached dhow frames sailing vessel

Beached dhow - Massawa Eritrea.

Riding a camel at Gurgussum Beach Hotel

Riding a camel at Gurgussum Beach Hotel (Tel +2911 552 725).

Massawa cement factory

Massawa cement factory, situated about 15km from Massawa.
The factory uses local raw materials  such as coral,   limestone
and gypsum (from the salt pan). The factory produced 369,267
tons of cement from 1992  - 1999,  part of which is exported.

Salt works Massawa (Salina)

Salt works Massawa (Salina). In 1990 a significant damage has been
done to the salt pans.  The Ethiopians gutted the stores,  robbed pro-
perty, destroyed buildings. Production of iodine salt resumed in 1995.


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